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Best Trumpets Reviewed

If you’re looking to pick up an instrument, the trumpet is a great choice.  It’s one of the most portable wind instruments, so you don’t have to carry around any cases that are larger than your biggest pieces of luggage. It also fits in great in many different bands. If you practice hard enough, you and your trumpet can become part of an orchestra, jazz quartet, or even a rock band. Once you start listening for trumpets, you’ll find them in many of your favorite songs. Once you’ve decided to play the trumpet, you need to find the right...

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Best Harps Reviewed

If you’re looking to learn a unique instrument, the harp is a fantastic choice. It’s a very stylish looking instrument that is capable of producing an especially beautiful sound. It has a fascinating history. The harp is one of the oldest instrument designs. All the most popular modern string instruments are descended from instruments much like the harp. Playing the harp can be a bit like traveling back in time. It’s a unique experience that any musician can appreciate. Still, to get the full effect, you can’t use just any harp. You need to find a well-made harp that...

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Best Saxophones Reviewed and Compared

Learning and playing the saxophone is a wonderful experience, and the depth and breadth of the music that you can play is unending. Renting an instrument can get costly, so for the serious player, it is a good idea to buy a saxophone of your own. Although a bit more expensive at first, it is well worth the freedom of being able to practice whenever you want to. TOPLJ Hutchen Eb Alto Price: See Here Very Durable Comfortable Two-year warrantyCHECK ON AMAZONBEST VALUEMendini Gold Lacquer 1500 Price: See Here Professional finish Expert manufacturing Protective extrasCHECK ON AMAZONEngraved Flower Saxophone...

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Best Violins Reviewed and Tested

The violin is a beautiful instrument, and one of the most popular instruments that people decide to learn. Renting a violin is an option, but the price can rack up quickly, so it is a viable option to buy your own. Whether you are a beginner violinist, or you are a more advanced player, it is important to own your very own violin so that you can practice whenever, and wherever you may be. This decision can be difficult to make, as violins can range in price, accessories and features, so finding the best violin for you and your...

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Best Digital Pianos in 2017 – Reviewed & Compared

Digital pianos are a great addition to your home in order to provide you with a realistic piano to practice realistic playing styles, without taking up as much room as large acoustic pianos. There are several benefits to digital pianos, primarily that they need much less maintenance than acoustic pianos, as they do not need to be tuned because they don’t have strings. They offer a quiet practice for those who would rather learn in private, and offer great features to help you learn, such as a built in metronome and recording options to record and listen to your piece in order to...

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