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Why is it Good for Kids to Learn How to Play an Instrument?

Just about everyone loves listening to music, and if you ask most people, they will say they wish they could play an instrument. The word “wish” is key, people dream about playing music but never learn to do it for real. That’s a shame because learning an instrument can help you in many ways, not all of them obviously related to music. If your child is thinking of learning an instrument, then you should tell them yes. It’s a real investment that can result in big dividends down the road. In this article, we will look at some of...

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Are Virtual Instruments and Musical Software Solutions a Threat to Classical Instruments?

Music is changing. That’s easy enough for anyone to recognize, most people over a certain age have noticed the rise of electronic music with mixed emotions. Even older musicians and fans can remember the rising popularity of electric music. The truth of the matter is that music has always been changing. If music didn’t then, we would still be making music by slamming sticks against rocks and logs. But that doesn’t mean that changes can’t be criticized, though it does encourage some humility. If you turn on the radio, you’ll notice that more and more music is made using...

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Electrical vs Acoustic Instruments

One of the most spirited debates among musicians is electric versus acoustic. For most of human history, acoustic instruments reigned supreme simply because they were the only option. But when electric instruments began to gain popularity in 1930 it was clear that thousands of years of dominance were now in peril. Today both electric and acoustic instruments coexist in relative peace, but there will always be people wondering which is best. This question is especially common with people deciding on their first instrument. If you came looking for an easy answer, we, unfortunately, do not have one. However, we...

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How is Music Affecting Our Mood

Music is one of the most fascinating things that humanity has created. It’s something that just about everyone gets on an instinctive level, but few can explain how it works exactly. In many ways, it is close to magic. A musician blows some air throw a tube or plucks a few strings, and it sends invisible waves through the air, changing the way we feel. That might be one of music’s most mysterious attributes; it can change the way we feel. For the entirety of written history, humans have used music to improve their mood, but we’re only just...

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The History of the Violin

To modern music fans, the violin feels almost permanent. Just holding a violin in your hand gives you a feeling of connection with history, imagining the classical musicians who performed across the great concert halls of Europe hundreds of years ago. It might be difficult to imagine a world without the violin, but that world did exist just a few hundred years in the past. Whether you’re a violinist or a fan of music, it’s worth looking at how the violin we know and love came to exist. Every instrument carries with it a unique history, and by learning...

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